TotalHandbag™ - Easy Handbag Organizer

TotalHandbag™ - Easy Handbag Organizer

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Purses and handbags come in many different shapes and styles. With so many unique designs, it can be painful switching bags without having to transfer all of the contents one-by-one by yourself and running the risk of forgetting or losing an item!

The TotalHandbag™ handbag organizer makes it easy for you to transfer your belongings from one bag to another, all in a dedicated compact handbag. You no longer need to worry about forgetting or losing your items again; it's literally a handbag for your handbag!

Made of easy-to-clean cotton and polyester, this handbag has a flexible design which allows it to fit inside most bags. It has multiple pockets of varying sizes to allow for custom organization, with two large zip pockets, six mesh side pockets, one large open pocket, and four open side pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large are these handbags?

The dimensions of these handbags measure at (L x W x H):

-Metric: 28cm x 10cm x 18cm
-Imperial: 10'' x 3.9'' x 7''

 How heavy are they?

They are very lightweight, and as such don't add much extra weight by themselves. Of course, this will change depending on how many items you add to these handbags, and what kind of items they are.

What items can I put inside?

Our handbags are suited for most small and compact items, which include cosmetics, your smartphone, pocket books, and general travel goods. The pockets on these handbags give you the flexibility of organizing your belongings such that you can easily access them later, without digging through a jumbled mess!

Will this fit inside my personal handbag?

 For most handbags, they should be large enough to fit these handbags inside, though individual handbag sizes vary. We recommend that you refer to the measurements/specifications of your handbag to see whether or not it allows enough space for our handbags.

Do these handbags have any zippers?

 These handbags come with two large side zipper pockets, allowing you to secure the most important items of your choosing and prevent them from slipping out.

Are these handbags prone to drooping?

They are only likely to droop or collapse if you have few to no items stored within the handbag.


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