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Taking Delivery of Hyundai Creta Facelift with Family|Celebration,Exterior and Interior|Special Day

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  2. My 162 like only for creta bec I like creta and proud to be owner of creta 2015 model

  3. really super creta i love creta very nice looking

  4. Karthick v karthick

    Is old trim creta is available in​ yur showroom

  5. Which showroom in bangalore?

  6. Jeep Compass could be a better choice approximately at similar price

  7. 9th comment.

  8. Creta facelift is mid model of Creata.

  9. Congrats

  10. Civic kab ayegi?

  11. Congratulations

  12. Super car I love hundai

  13. They should have waited a little bit for civic, but i can understand that maybe they needed it urgently. Also, there will be many launches in the festive season.

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