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Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody Review + What’s in My Bag!

Hi dolls!

Buy here: http://goo.gl/E0EMCw

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody bag. I took a few more detail shots on my blog so head over there for more details as well as links!

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  1. I just ordered this bag … can't wait for it to arrive!

  2. LittleMrsMommy Vlogs

    Do you still use the bag?

  3. Hi! I read in the comments below that you got the gunmetal color as well! I'm just wondering which one you prefer??

  4. Hi thank you for the review of this bag. I am considering picking it up.

  5. Nerds Rule The World

    hi Steph I was wondering if the hardware was black or gunmetal

  6. It's because they use cheap paint, I guess… that's unfair and sad… woulda been nice to have black metal

  7. Hi dear nice review ! I just purchased the same bag like you .. Really worry about the chipping issue .. But do you still keep the bag so far? Thank you 🙂

  8. I finally got one on sale in navy and gold hardware!! I'm obsessed!!

  9. hi nice review! is it as heavy as the MAC? i hope its lighter..=)

  10. thank you!!! i've been in my head about the black and gold one or the all black and now here you saying about the chipping makes me want to stick with the black gold!!

  11. Hello, Where did you get your necklace? Its beautiful!

  12. You dress is nice,I like this style.


  13. Hi! Thanks for the info. Thinking to get gunmetal hardware instead. Do you think it chips off too?

  14. Hi. I was wondering how this bag has held up over time, both the black hardware and the leather. I am really interested in buying this bag.

  15. I am just wondering if you know how to fix the chip in the hardware? its really annoying me too:(

  16. Hey Stephienese,
    I want to know, if the bag more chipping than before? I hope you can understand me, because my english is very bad 😉 -.-

  17. I love rebecca minkoff and chanel so this bag definitely hits the mark, check out my review at cateyesandcandy.com

  18. I havnt seen this in person but am trying to decide between the primrose light pink and moon navy blue – based on the leather do u have any tips? Thank u! Great vid

  19. I recently uploaded a what's in my bag video featuring a crossbody bag, check it out.

  20. Can you tell us where you found the black version of this bag but with silver hardware?

  21. at http://www.rainbowshop.com you can find a bounch of small bags like u want

  22. That chip also happened to me twice. I ordered it online and when I received it it was already chipped. Zappos was nice enough to send my another one. Then the new one chipped again after using it once. Zappos was nice enough to exchange it so I got the taupe in gold hardware. I definitely think there is a defect on the black on black one which sucks because it's a beautiful bag.

  23. Hey I have the same bag. Use black sharpie and clear nail polish on the chip.:)

  24. Steph, Awesome video. Thank you. I was curious about the RM bag. Bummer that I missed out, I can't find it anymore. Anywho, how about a house tour video, yay or nay? 😉

  25. Your makeup looks so pretty! Would love to see a tutorial and what you used! 🙂

  26. Omg so beautiful! Im torn between this size or the smaller version ah! & I love your make up in this video, possible tutorial if you get the chance? Great review, really helped me out (:

  27. omg it's so similar to a chanel boy bag! O_O stinks about the chipping : ( love that you can change the length

  28. It is painted hardware… I think it is described as shellac. That is the reason I didn't get this bag. RM's with this type of hardware are notorious for chipping. However, the same could be said for the PS1 with black hardware which is a $1800 bag. It is just the nature of the hardware unfortunately. If it were gunmetal hardware, I might reconsider. Nice video and review!

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