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Longchamp Le Pliage Neo tote bag (large) review

End of video shows how the bag looks being worn*****

Since there appears to be much fewer reviews for the neo tote bag in comparison to the nylon bag, I thought I would make a video review for those of you who may be trying two decide whether or not to purchase the bag.

This review discusses some of the main differences between the large Longchamp Le Pliage Neo tote bag and the more commonly used Nylon model. Furthermore, this video addresses some of the issues that may be experienced with this bag. The end of this video shows how the bag looks when being worn, with and without a 13 inch Macbook pro.

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  1. Hi is this the 44cm length across one 🙂

  2. Which store did you buy this tote from?

  3. Hi..May I know what's the difference between Le Pliage and the Planetes Please?thank u!

  4. Does the tag say "Made in France"?

  5. do you still use it regularly?

  6. my classic la pliage has the same strap falling down problem. I thought it was just me! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your bag is still nylon no?

  8. saw this very same bag medium size in opera red and retailed for $37. i imediately took it from the shelf lol. hopefully my aunt would like it.

  9. Yes, I paid under $200 for mine's to and I love, love, love it. I find myself reaching for this bag every single guest morning in addition to my purse.

  10. Do you think it is possible to fit the macbook 15 ''? Thanks 🙂

  11. Thank you Christina for lovely review, we have embedded your video into our product listing.
    Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Nylon Tote Black Handbag Bag Large


  12. I paid $185 for that same bag at Nordstroms. I love it and use it for work.
    The nylon bag is thinner. My daughter used the nylon bag for graduate school, Mac book and text books. It held up quite well.
    This bag is awesome and holds a lot.

  13. such a cute bag!

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