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How to sew a Bag – Introduction to the Project (Out & About Pattern)

This Video is the first of 5 videos and introduces the ‘Out & About’ bag pattern. Its simple to make, comes with three different styling options and looks the part.
Learn how the pattern works before you cut out and sew.

To access the pattern and the playlist hover the mouse over the right hand top corner of the video. The info button will appear. Click on it and the link to the pattern shop as well as the playlist will appear.
For everyone that still can’t see the cards, this happens on some mobile devices, here are the links:

The pattern:

Learn to sew with the Frocks & Frolics Academy:


How to sew the ‘Out & About’ Bag:

How to sew a welt pocket with zip:

How to attach purse feet:

How to sew laminated handles for the ‘Out & About’ Bag:

You can find great girls’ sewing patterns here:

And click here for the best boys’ sewing patterns:

Get started with this awesome collection of free patterns:

Facebook Group:

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  1. thanks for the vidoe. do u sell the bag? im not able to sew due to back pain. I love the bag.

  2. does anyone want to make this for me? omg I love it. have bad back and can't bend to see. oh well. I'd literally pay someone to make it and send to me not an outrageous price.

  3. omg I bought this pattern today and I was so confused when I cut the pieces out. I am so glad you showed them glued together!! Makes it so much more understandable! Thank you 🙂

  4. Frocks & Frolics Sewing Patterns

    the links for the project, other videos and pattern are in the video description!!!
    How to sew the 'Out & About' Bag:
    How to sew a Handbag – Beginners Sewing Project

  5. Marina, Love this bag!  Pure genius! 
    I must have missed something but I cannot find where to access the pattern.  Do you sell it on your website?  I couldn't find a link to any actual pattern that we can download and print out?

  6. Hello Marina, please do you use any special sewing foot to sew vinyl?

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