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Eye attack Shoulder Bag review, Techwear bags under $100!

Hey y’all, I’m back with another review, this time its the Eyeattack Shoulder bag!


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Im aware that this video has some audio issues, so please bear with me, it wont happen again!

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  1. î am torn between giving you a big thumbs up for reviewing that interesting bag i didnt already see on the rest of the internet and giving you a thumbs down because of some technical issues i will get into detail now.

    1. the audio is shifting greatly – one moment i can hear you clearky and the next moment i cant hear you anymore because the volume is so turned down for a moment and then its perfectly normal again. i mentioned this on the newer video as well, but its really distracting. we can try to pinpoint the issue together if you want to, since i really like your effort and want to see more of your content.
    2. the bag is lying on the table the whole time, and you could have for example held the bag up into the camera more to display what you say. show, dont tell. thats better in the newer vdeos, though, so you already learnt from this, i suppose. but i can not stress this enough – imho showing the item on you, especially when you review clothes, is so essential, since without wrapping the human body, clothes and accessoires are nothing but dead weight lying around. especially with this interesting shape of a bag (allthough the acronym bags are similar in form but not in size) i would be interested in seeing more of this bag. you mentioned an instagram account – whats your name there?
    EDIT: i now saw the rest of the video … sorry that i got into a light rant but the shiftung audio was driving me crazy … the rest of the pictures at the end of the video is better, though.
    3. the lighting … could be better. in the scene where you show the shape of the bag, its inner compartments and the back zip, you stand in such a way in the room that you cast a shadow onto the bag. yes, you can still see the bag, but its not enough light to grasp the texture of the garment, for example. light is the most important tool in photography/videography, and a good lighting is way cheaper than this bag (just some daylight bulbs against the wall for indirect lighting ad you have a way better exposure).

    i still like the video, and as you still are starting out (much like me) I like what you do – you get a +1 thumbs up from me :).

  2. That jacket looks dope, can we get a review on it?

  3. man, you spent the whole video talking about the bag. I still don't know what it looks like.

  4. Could def use some b-roll

  5. COOL VIDEO I can’t wait for the next review

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