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DIY Two Bags In One Step by Step Crossbody and/or Fanny Pack Tutorial

Fabric Sizes
2 Main fabrics measuring 5.5 x 14
2 fabric for the tab measuring 3x 4
3 fabrics for pockets measuring 6 x 11 or you can cut them to be 5.5 x11.

Note: I cut the pocket fabric a little wider so when I sew the fabric together, I was able to catch all sides. You can create this bag any sizes that you like.

Optional: Tabs for the back of the bag to create the crossbody bag and to wear around your waist as a fanny pack. Creating two bags in one. Cut out two fabric tabs measuring 4 x 8 fold like the closure tab.

You can wear it when working out, walking or running to the store, by putting it onto a small belt.

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Happy Crafting!

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  1. This is just the coolest bag the construction is great all that creativity and we only have to twice not including the tab. I've been looking for a kinda old school Fannie pak, buy a waste bag will work. Good job gurl

  2. Ingrid Klingenberg

    I also put interfacing in the inside pockets to help them keep their shape a little when the contents are put in them. For the front pocket, I used quilt batting between the two layers of the pocket and quilted it a little, so that the phone would be more protected when inside.

  3. Ingrid Klingenberg

    Had fun making this for my daughter! Can't wait to make one for myself…

  4. Very nice mam

  5. Very nice wao

  6. I have just come across your channel ,love it can you tell us where you buy your fabric from. ❤️ from Australia

  7. Could you please show us this bag with a zipper pocket and a clear vinyl pocket for your ID?

  8. This is such a great idea. Thank you so much. I'll be making some for gifts. That is after I make me one. Thumbs up

  9. This is soooooooo cute I love it!!!!

  10. I made it ! I love it Angie , i put the two loops on it and its perfect for my phone and keys when i go out walking ,thanks so much ☺

  11. Notgivenuponcraft Owens

    Thank u Mrs. Angela…
    Ma'am, I have some fat quarter fabric, my I use that instead of the duct cloth for the wallet. Where I live its expensive what I'm finish with the wallet..once I'm finished with the wallet I will send you a picture of it the final product

  12. Notgivenuponcraft Owens

    Hi Angie. Nice by pouch. When u have time, Can u make a no sew one. I don't own a sewing machine. Thank u

  13. love watching your tutorials , im going to try making this 😊tfs 😊

  14. Nice quick and easy bag. I found using chop sticks to help push the corners in is a handy tool. Thanks for sharing your video.

  15. pretty fabric too

  16. I love this bag I might start making these for gifts for Christmas next year. you make it look so easy. thank you so much for the video

  17. how did you get the velcro on the purse piece afterwards??

  18. Vicki Lee Bags/ by Lynne

    Adorable… thanks so much

  19. Angela, I love this pattern. I will make them for my granddaughters and myself. Very tidy, bright design!

  20. I love love love the fabric!!

  21. Awesome thanks

  22. Nice little clutch wallet/pouch bag, you should show your work step by step for the beginners that are looking for help. Thanks for sharing.

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