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BagIt Tutorial #3 (3.1): Creating/Verifying Bag: Introduction (5 of 10) 5 minutes

Part 3 of the BagIt Tutorial, offered in 3 sub-parts, explains and demonstrates how to create a bag, verify the bag’s contents are valid, and transfer a bag.

Part 3.1 provides an introduction to creating and transferring bags.

Part 3.2 demonstrates how to create and verify a bag.

Part 3.3 demonstrates bag verification errors, transferring the bag, and conclusions.

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and verify a bag containing a collection of files to reliably transfer files from one system to another.

This four part video tutorial introduces the Library of Congress BagIt tool, which facilitates the reliable transfer of collections of files from one system to another.

In addition to the video tutorials, you will find additional detailed documentation on the installation and use of the BagIt tool in:

1. The BagIt user’s guide: BagIt User Guide – SAN Bagging: How to Install and Use the BagIt Library to Create and Validate Bags (pdf): http://www.records.ncdcr.gov/erecords/Using_BagIt_ver2%202_generic_final_20110414.pdf

2. The BagIt Quick Summary (pdf): http://www.records.ncdcr.gov/erecords/BagIt_Quick_Summary.pdf

Inter-system and inter-organizational file transfers are more and more common in today’s business environment. To ensure data integrity and authenticity, it is important to verify that files are transferred without any unintended changes. Developed jointly by the University of California, California Digital Library and the U.S. Library of Congress, BagIt offers a program to package and inventory a collection of files, and to validate that the files’ integrity was maintained through the file transfer.

This four-part video tutorial will help people who are new to BagIt, and looking for an explanation and demonstration on how to use the tool to package, validate, and transfer files. These BagIt tutorials and guides provide information on where to find and download the BagIt code, install BagIt, create bags, transfer bags, and verify the integrity of transferred bags.

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