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AFFORDABLE HANDBAGS | Do I hate Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff?

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  1. I have two MK crossbody bags, and I do not wear it just because of the brand, but the quality, one of them was given to me by my sister (she was using it for about a year) and when she got sick of it because she needed a bigger bag, she gave it to me and I’ve been using it for about a year and a half now and I still haven’t seen any marks or any discoloration on it, it’s an everyday use bag, not for being stylish, but being practical. [the bag is called ‘Cindy Logo Crossbody’ if you’re wondering, and it’s more of their classic range] HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  2. I actually love MK and I think his bags look great. Who cares if its's 'luxe' enough or not?

  3. I want to buy a couple timeless handbags to pass down to my daughter. What do you suggest that's a good investment? Not a Birkin I do not have that kind of money lol.

  4. Matthew Hamilton

    Since when is michael kors cheap.
    The resort collection? Alligator? Like gtfoh. If you only look at cheap bags then of course its cheap.

  5. I might be the odd one out here, but I invest more money on quality leather boots than handbags. I do have a couple of MKs, a couple Dooney and Bourke's. But my passion is in boots, I have one or two pairs that I've worn for over 15 years.

  6. I'm not really into michael kors i don't know why but I'm more on Marc Jacobs

  7. Oroton bags!

  8. If I ever meet Charles I’ll be sure to hide my MK bag so he doesn’t break out in hives lol

  9. I gotten a Calvin Klein purse from Younkers today for about $54.00 and it solid red with no pattern on it

  10. As far as some companies following trends that's just how fashion in general has been for years. I shop according to my lifestyle & budget. So I don't knock those who decide to invest their money on more affordable brands to obtain a certain style. One thing I don't do is buy poor quality. Be wise and get your moneys worth.

  11. every time i see someone wearing MK i cringe

  12. I think it depends on what your personal tastes are and what your "thing" is. I LOVE higher end luxury handbags and am fortunate enough to even own a few at a relatively young age, but my mother (who is the one who bought my bags for me as graduation and birthday gifts) is wealthy and she just doesn't care enough about her own personal purses to spend more than 500$ a piece. At the same time, she'll gladly drop 10k on a diamond necklace and regularly wears multiple diamond rings because well…she can! She can also afford to buy herself a 10k bag in addition to the jewelry but purses just aren't as much of her "thing". It's like if I had 500,000$ at my disposable to spend on a super high end luxury car, I still wouldn't because I just don't care about cars that much! I do agree with trying to stick to more classic styles if possible though- I have a brown MK leather cross body that I use on errands and I don't have to worry about damaging it since it wasn't thousands of dollars but it also goes with a lot of outfits.

  13. Valentina Garcia

    I totally agree Charles I have three pieces that are under 45-50 dollars and I get a ton of complements and the place I get them at is a hot trendy place of all ages plus they have very nice jewelry and other assessories love that place versona

  14. So many women TRY to look “rich” with MK Calvin Klein Guess Coach ect and always makes me cringe

  15. In the final analysis; a woman should carry whatever kind of bag makes her happy. If the color, or style, or hardwear appeals to you; go for it.

  16. Also, I have a pair of MK boots that are extremely well made. They are the leather Stockard boots; bought in 2015. This particular style was discontinued; right when I bought mine, and I did notice that the new, replacement for the stockard style; was not nearly as good quality.

  17. I've bought Brahmin, Dooney and Bourke, and recently bought my first MK bedford tote, and it's the easiest, most convenient to carry, and is my favorite purse; right now.

  18. I would rather buy an h&m bag than buying a leather bag. I don't want to kill an animal just for a bag.

  19. Micheal kors bag are pretty nice. I have a black medium salma satchel and I love it to bits.

  20. I try to buy second hand and like you mentioned I only buy things like Micheal Kors and RM if I just have to have the trendy piece or I’m looking for something to match a specific pair of shoes or outfit.

  21. Why can't ppl understand the POINT of the video. Mk bags rip off higher end bags to make the 2-300 price point. The styles don't carry through the next year or two…personally I don't think they carry period. They're just ghetto looking. If you don't care about fashion and think "waaaaa" carry what ever" then why watch! Times a wasting and You have a weave to get in or some two inch nails to glue or a tattoo to get a going…

  22. Foxciously Gaming

    I'm going for a Fendi bag soon. Haha wish me luck 🙂

  23. Iliveinduniverse 85

    You are speaking my mind.

  24. Foxciously Gaming

    I say go vintage lol

  25. I feel like Kate Spade is a bit better than others

  26. I prefer unique bags – leather, cloth, faux, whatever.

  27. I don't see how designs by high end designers are more timeless than cheaper brands. Most designs from cheaper brands are original as well. Even if the design is "inspired" by something from a high end brand, wouldn't the trend from the high end brand go out of fashion as well?

  28. There is nothing wrong with MK handbags. Many LV handbags are canvas. So you fools go ahead and spend your money on a purse that wont hold up any longer than MK or Coach. It's all about how you take care of it.

  29. Just curious, what do you think about the Michael Kors Hamilton bag when it got its "It" status?

  30. Made me feel like 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  31. I also do not like Michael Kors. They are not unique and you see them everywhere! Ugh!

  32. Tory Burch leans more classic and, I like a few of her designs. I own luxury bags as well, but when I see a classic and well-made bag, I buy it if I like it regardless of who makes it. I know quality when I see it , but do stay away from trends. Also love Longchamp

  33. I really detest Michael Kors bags 😂 I'm not fond of Coach, Rebecca Minkoff, or Tory Burch either. Honestly they remind me of bags all the "popular" teenage girls carry in high school lol. I definitely wouldn't consider them fashionable or sophisticated with high quality design and materials, especially for an adult woman.

  34. please share more girlz InStyle-Decor Luxury Lifestyle http://instyle-decor.com Hollywood USA

  35. i could only ever afford MK, Longchamp and Coach. People who look down on these bags because they are "low end" are self absorbed narcicisstic assholes. If you say these contemporary/luxury brands are for broke people, then I think we have a problem.

  36. What about DKNY bags? are they considered higher than for example MK?

  37. Micheal kors does gave his own classic designs that are around for manny years! Of cours they have trend bags, but chanel louis vuitton and gucci have the same trend bags aswell. Each brand has some trend bags that are inspired of other designers! Thats life! And i get it if poeple buy a mk bag because it has a logo! You buy a birkin bag what is a beautifull bag but it is a verry basic design. They do have bags like that at H&m but you buy it because you like the brand! And not everyone can afford a chanel bag but does want to buy a more luxery bag. I think its great that these kind of bags are on the market!!

  38. You are not an expert. Michael Kors is one of the most profitable and high-end designed creators. Because you don't do your research you wouldn't know about Michael Kors high end handbags and yes there are seasonal lines as there should be. Michael Kors truly cares about his customers he also has a plus size line that uses only the best material and the best fit models . He also has a highly successful watch line and he cares he has a charity that feeds the poor. Just a tip it was hard to see your face it blends in with the white walls ,
    learn how to put on your coverage honey.
    Money has not purchased taste for you.

  39. Dorothy Melendez

    Charles can you suggest for me a particular bag or purse or any for that matter that suits my personality? I will appreciate it when you reply to this ASAP.

  40. Dorothy Melendez

    Wow you know what you are talking. I like that it helps to listen to you in terms of this.

  41. Plain, simple totes are ugly. EVERYONE now has bags that are all plain and when you see one suburban girl with one, you have seen them all!

  42. Well they aren't the worst things in the world. I just appreciate a bag that is durable, appealing, and practically affordable. Thanks for the great info Charles! Good advice.

  43. Katja Sonkamuotka

    Reading these comments, hilarious 😀 . Tacky logos, and y'all wouldn't blink, wearing a bag with a huge Chanel or YSL logo.

    I have 2 MK bags, and the other one has the logo only on the lock, the other one a small and discreet logo. The bags are very beautifully made, stitching and all, and every detail is carefully considered, with key holders and long shoulder straps etc. I see a very clear difference between a HM pleather bag, and a MK real leather one.

    Yes, MK copies other designers. EVERYONE does that, so it's old news. Not sure why the choice would have to be between a 20 dollar Etsy bag, and a 2000 dollar LV one. There's many beautiful, quality choices between those; Minkoff, MK, Lauren Ralph Lauren etc. Even if I had the money to buy a 10k Birkin, no. I'd much rather spend 10k on something else, even though I love pretty bags.
    I enjoy reading the snobby comments though, carry on 😀

  44. Completely agree!!

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