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adidas Originals Mini Shoulder bag/Messenger bag review

This is my review on the adidas Originals Mini Shoulder/Messenger bag.

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  1. iPad mini 3 for in this ?

  2. Simplistic Beauty


  3. WAGWANFAM, Nice vid !

  4. Edfromchowderheads

    How come you don't sound roadman. Usually the man bag is necessary for the roadman transition

  5. [NT] CosmologyDinosaur ツ

    Really enjoyed this review , I was glaring at my future to see if I should've bought this. I had a decent color but with the insides and outsides combining with handling was the thing that got me in a maze.. Really appreciate this hard effort for your fans! < ~ P.S – Keep up the great videos! =] [ Earned yourself a new sub ]

  6. your really good i bought one

  7. YESSS finally an amazing video that I've found of this bag because I don't know whether to get the bag or not

  8. Bromstonfigalo YT

    Love it

  9. nice video

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