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10 CHEAP Date Ideas That Are Still AWESOME | What To Do When You Are Low On $$$

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You are killing with grooming, style, and being a gentleman – but money’s tight! How can you impress your date when low on cash? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents 10 inexpensive, but awesome, date items for these times.

Remember that it’s not what you do – it’s who you’re with. You don’t have to spend a ton of money!

1. Backpack + wine & opener + two glasses + blanket

2. Go to a city festival

3. Hit a farmer’s market or flea market

4. Coffee and crossword puzzles

5. Go for a hike

6. Buy bread then feed the ducks at the pond

7. Take the dog for a walk and get ice cream (don’t forget a ‘doggy dish’!)

8. Play a board game

9. Candy + drinks stuffed in your bag and go to a matinee movie

10. Go for a bike ride – you can rent them if you don’t have them

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  1. Im a freshman in high school and talking to a really cute and cool girl im 90% sure she likes me because she asked my for my snap and shee said heyyy first

  2. Note: don't be broke during a canadian winter… the only possible date cost money

  3. Go to a bday party that you weren't invited to or even know the people around in your neighborhood..? Just walk in with a bag of wrapping and place it where the other gifts are and just go grab some a food of plates for you and your date. Oh and there is also beer in the ice chest, music to dance to and jumping castles already set up.Its a win situation with all the fun.. That's how you make new friends.. You just stay for less than 15 to 20 mins, just like family members usually do at your family gatherings if you know what Im talking about? 👍😀

  4. You can also play crosswords online. Apps, Play Store.

  5. Miata Tokyo built


  6. Miata Tokyo built

    He said buy a carrot 🥕

  7. #11 Tiege Hanley

  8. Sameah and Stuff

    when i started watching your channel you were on 1M subs, that was about a year ago, I am shocked to see your subs now lol, good job, these are great ideas, my date night is under $7,

  9. Sandra Desseraie

    YOu CaNt feeDD dUuCks BREAD!!!!!!

  10. you seem like a real g

  11. Plus those dates are more engaging meaning conversation and interaction. Cool.

  12. The go-to is a Minor league baseball game in the summer. Cheap tickets. Beer. Decent food. You can watch but also talk/relax because baseball is chill and has a lot of down time

  13. go to the park, shoot a basketball its an easy sport to play and doesnt have to be incredibly active and get to sweaty or throw a frisbee or football and then et some ice cream after that.

  14. Do not feed bread to ducks. It fills up their stomach without providing any actual nutrients, at which point they forget to look for actual food and starve to death.

  15. Feeding ducks bread is super bad for the ducks health and the pond will get allgie and look like shit feed it rice cocked or unckocked it's good for them

  16. What about bowling? You sexy munk

  17. Am I the only one here looking for the capital of New Guinea?

  18. Harrison Mounter

    3:30 fookin gold!!!😂😂😂

  19. 75 cents a paper clip and two bucks is all i have left over after my weekly stock of teige hanley

  20. thanks for listing your ideas in the description

  21. "Cheap ass"… you got my attention

  22. I know Lots of things about ducks, and bread is not good for them, but chiken is. The reason ducks eat the bread you give 'em is becuase ducks are kinda like dogs, they eat anythingthe get!

  23. MilesofGaming and Friends

    Obama doesn’t like ice cream

  24. I like this guy…..very practical

  25. This is funny 😂

  26. Richwhat Automotive

    isn’t drinking(wine) in public illegal…

  27. along with the wine bring something to eat like cheese and crackers or stop at the store and let her pick something out and turn it into a picnic.

  28. Your eyebrows are enticing. I really like the video! Even as a girl this gave me lots of good ideas.

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